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OpenInfra Asia: A Regional Hub to Promote, Protect Open Source Infrastructure

Supported by the OpenInfra Foundation, OpenInfra Asia will foster regional resiliency and coordinate input on policy issues to ensure technologies continue to be developed in the open. Join the mailing list

About OpenInfra Asia

OpenInfra Asia, a regional hub supported by the OpenInfra Foundation, builds and strengthens regional communities, empowers organizations to succeed with open infrastructure and become regional leaders with a global voice, and fosters communication to identify regional challenges and create a collaborative effort that serves as a united front to address them.

Over 40% of OpenInfra Foundation individual members reside in Asia, and this regional hub promotes and protects these open source communities and the technologies they develop, while embracing and accelerating global collaboration.

Based in Singapore, OpenInfra Asia’s mission is to grow and sustain a strong and vibrant regional ecosystem that collaborates openly to keep developing vital software technologies in the open.

OpenInfra Asia Advisory Board

A collective of industry pioneers and thought leaders shaping the future of our foundation.
Their expertise and guidance drive our strategic vision, ensuring unparalleled excellence in software infrastructure solutions.

Richard BianRichard BianAnt Group
Zhou JunyiZhou JunyiHuawei
Shuquan HuangShuquan Huang99cloud
Xiangyu LiXiangyu LiChina Mobile
Huaxing ZhangHuaxing ZhangChina Telecom
Yulong LiuYulong LiuChina Unicom
James GuoJames GuoH3C
Brin ZhangBrin ZhangInspur
Young Gwang KimYoung Gwang KimOkestro
Xiang LiXiang LiZTE
Hasegawa AkihiroHasegawa AkihiroAXLBIT
Tovin SevenNguyễn Trọng VĩnhViettel
Vipin RathiVipin RathieOTF
Saputro AryuliantSaputro AryuliantBtech

I am very excited to see the establishment of OpenInfra Asia and honored to support our broader OpenInfra communities in Asia to collaborate and shape the future of the open infrastructure technology. OpenInfra communities in Asia are very diverse, operating at large scale and active, with new open source projects, user cases, and innovation. With OpenInfra Asia , it can accelerate cross regional collaboration and communication.

Horace Li

China Community Manager


"The establishment of OpenInfra Asia will accelerate the development of virtualization and container technologies, promote deep collaboration and cooperation among Asian members,and inject new strength and vitality into the development of open source in Asia."

Zhou Junyi

General Manager of Cloud Network Open Source


"As a dedicated effort of collaboration among open source communities in Asia, Ant Group is very excited to see the establishment of OpenInfra Asia. Its mission is well aligned with ours: accelerating regional technology innovation with open source infrastructure software, promoting the cloud infrastructure market, and expanding ecosystem development in Asia."

Richard Bian

Director of OSPO


OpenInfra Asia
Founding Participants


Ant Group


99Cloud Inc.
China Mobile
China Telecom
China Unicom
ZTE Corporation


FPT Smart Cloud
Wuhan Yangtze Computing Technologies Company

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Join us as we advance open infrastructure development and adoption in Asia. OpenInfra Foundation Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Associate members are eligible to participate at their respective membership level at no additional cost. Organizations who would like to become OpenInfra Foundation members can sign up at openinfra.dev/join. Individuals from these organizations will have the opportunity to serve on the OpenInfra Asia advisory board.

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